samedi 19 mars 2011


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Marguerite Dumans a dit…

Ahahaha ! Ah ben voilà :D héhé... Je passerai t'embêter plus souvent si c'est ce qui déclenche les updates :D héhé ! J'adore l'avant dernière btw ! ça renoue avec la tradition Searlienne que nous chérissons tant !:p

Jonathan Lankry a dit…

Superbes planches !!
Très joli design

"TORI CAT" a dit…

Fantastic character designs!!
i love your shapes and silhouettes.
I especially like the little water colour studies. (The 2nd from the bottom).

Hope you are keeping well?
Did you work with Uli last year on his Ron Searle animation? It looks great and i bet was alot of fun to work on.
Uli is a great guy and so inspirational to work with.

All the best,
Keep up the great work,


L ROSSI a dit…

Hey LN!
Super travail - les designs sont tres cool... surtout les personages avec des arbes qui sortant de leurs tetes!
Et aussi les images de boxe :)
A tres bientot!

hélène leroux a dit…

merci beaucoup : ) !
Tori yes i worked with Uli last year it was a very nice experience! I would love to come back to London this summer for an internship!
you come to paris sometimes dont you ? would be nice to meet one day if you have time, you can come have a drink with the gobelins people on friday evening !

messytimbo a dit…

gosh your work is lovely!