dimanche 23 septembre 2012

Ronald Searle Forever !!

I found these in my drawers the other day, a few drawings i did while I was working at Uli Meyer's studios in London, 2 years ago (only for a couple of weeks though)
I had the opportunity to work a bit on the St. Trinian's short animation that Uli did that year. I only helped with some animation inking and BG research inking, but it was awesome working there during that time !

HERE IS THE VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LjbWiTDmm4o

The animation was done by Sandro Cleuzo and Boris Hiestand (very awesome artists!!)

Uli also made a blog dedicated to the project : http://animated-st-trinians.blogspot.co.uk/

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libra bear a dit…

????????????????? Your a dark horse aren't u, I never knew

Helene Leroux a dit…

haha seems u re the only one who remembers i have a blog wes ;)) whats a dark horse ??

libra bear a dit…

Dark hourse explaination down below. Haha


U gotta put it out there more, the blog that is :)

Helene Leroux a dit…

"...a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed"
haha thanks wes

libra bear a dit…

Hahaha, Ok, that was my bad, but its not what I meant, (didnt even know the proper meaning of the word till I sent that) I just meant that Ive always thought you were amazing but your last few posts have showed me just how talented you truely are. Like you've been holding back. Next time, I'll skip the sayings and just say what I mean Deal? xx